Tutkimusvoima was born out of the customer need

More and more companies are researching customer and personnel opinions using survey tools, but still buying instruments and more demanding surveys from different companies and research institutes. This sometimes results in a scattering of knowledge throughout the organization, especially as there is no overall knowledge what have already been done. 

To remedy this, we offer a new, more customer-focused way of conducting research - We will provide you with both the data collection tools and those parts of survey projects that you do not have the time or expertise to do. If you wish, we will teach you to do these yourself next time. If needed, we handle the entire research project for you with 20 years of experience. By centralizing as much of your measurements and surveys as possible, information is easier to handle and always available. 

In addition to one-off surveys, we build continuous pulse-type surveys that provide real-time information right after a customer encounter. Supervisors will get their own online reporting views, including alert emails, allowing correction of results and processes quickly, when they differ from agreed targets. 
Three ways to research with us


  • Microsoft forms , Google forms or any other survey tool 
  • A quick and easy way of doing any kind of survey
  • Particularly suitable when budget is small or when the survey is simple
  • You can increase your content knowledge and skills with the tool with our trainings
  • You will receive both a survey tool and additional services from us 

Modular buying

  • Make the parts you want to do yourself and buy everything else from us
  • You always get help for things that you don't have time to do yourself, those that aren't part of your core tasks, or that require special expertise
  • Affordable way, you only pay for what you need 

Or whole process from us

  • Buy the whole survey and reporting from us
  • Buy a continious service with real-time reporting
  • Get your survey done professionally
  • The entire research process is managed for you
  • Effortless and the easiest way to you
  • Updating and maintaining the measurements
Turnkey implementations

  • Personnel surveys
  • 360 surveys
  • Pre- and post-surveys related to change situations
  • Customer surveys, customer experience measurement
  • Sales meeting evalutions
  • Finding out the reasons for winning or losing deals and customers
  • Website visitor profile and site surveys
  • Pre-testing of advertising and marketing materials
  • Reader surveys, Advertising awareness studies
  • Market- and marketing research
  • Reduction, validation and weighting of the research data collected 
Service in parts that fit for your core need… and budget

  • More complex or studies that have traditionally been outsourced 
  • Questionnaires, question contents, layout specifications 
  • Data collection, interviews, sampling
  • Project management, invitation sending, subcontracting
  • Basic and additional analysis of results
  • Reports to different target groups (management team, manager, department, country)
  • Set up reporting views for Online reporting
  • Set Up Alert Emails: Subscriptions, Complaints, Negative Feedback
  • Capturing translations of language versions

A house of long experience and new innovation

  • 20 years of experience in e-research, feedback management, training and research consulting in the industry's best companies
  • A solid understanding of the potential of technology and research content
  • Hundreds of projects for businesses and public organizations of all sizes 
  • Allways happy to help!
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All Rights Reserved. 

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