Questback Essentials survey tool

Questback Essentials is a simple and powerful survey tool, with which you can implement all the surveys you need, from simple feedback surveys to the most complex ones. In addition to the Questback Essentials system, Tutkimusvoima provides additional services: training, consulting and practical help to complete all stages of the marketing-, customer- and personnel research. With us, you will not be left alone - help is always available in the form you want.


Creating surveys is simple and easy to share with Essentials. Essentials surveys are impressive regardless of the device you are answering with, and the query designer does not need to know in advance which device the respondents are opening the survey with. Surveys allow you to gather valuable information through any channel - email, website or social media. Today, over 50% of queries are opened on mobile devices. All queries with Essentials software are always fully mobile-optimized.


Discover trends and find insights. Create insightful surveys that reach your respondents while the encounter or customer experience is still fresh in the memory. Feedback collected immediately after or during a meeting is up to 40% more accurate. Get instant access to real-time information by sharing it directly with the people who make your feedback decisions. Typical applications include: Customer Satisfaction Surveys, HR & Employee Evaluation Surveys, Market Research, Marketing & Event Surveys.


A modern and insightful interface will help you get started quickly and save you time on what matters most to your query. We provide you with the most user-friendly and efficient feedback software on the market. With Questback Essentials, everything from survey design to reviewing and sharing results is easy, insightful, and fast.


Have an informed dialogue with your stakeholders at right time. Our real-time reports and visual dashboards are the industry's most intuitive way to analyze your data and improve your organization's performance. 

 Reporting with Questback Essentials provides you with an efficient array of real-time dashboards and analytics tools to help you get the most out of your data. Reporting allows you to send emergency emails to different areas of your business and people when there is something in your individual feedback that needs immediate attention. 

 When you use Questback Essentials, all the data you collect - is yours. However, you can easily share data with your co-workers. If you wish, you can enrich your queries and reporting by utilizing your own back-end systems. Integrations with CRM or HR systems reduce manual work and diversify your feedback. 

Essentials generates graphs, tables, and reports. The software allows you to create the additional amount of filtered reports you need, control the content of your reports, visual presentation, and sharing. LiveReport lets you share your web-based, real-time reports with others via URL!


The security of your data is at the heart of everything we do. Our ISO-certified server environment keeps your information secure and inaccessible to outsiders. Questback takes security very seriously and always offers you a secure architecture, advanced privacy and complete control of your information. Everything about privacy and security is documented, so you have ready-made materials attached to your security documentation. The program also takes into account the requirements of the GDPR. With this survey tool you can easily make GDPR queries.


Customize the query with the colors, fonts, and logos of your brand. Add videos and pictures to your questions to clarify your answer choices, make your answers more comfortable or deepen your customer engagement, and increase your response rate. You can save multiple ready-made templates for your brand to your organization, so all outbound queries will always look professional and comply with your organization's visual guidelines. You can create templates for queries, email invitations, and reports.


In-software survey wizard helps you with everything from query logic and questions to processing respondents' background information, customizing the look and feel, and quality assurance. For additional support, please refer to the user manual and instructional videos. In addition, additional support and free general materials and guides are available in the customer community. 

 When you want to become an expert, we offer trainings to help you get the software up and running quickly. 


You can also take advantage of our extensive selection of survey templates available in more than 10 languages. Custom templates are free to edit. You can delete unnecessary questions, add your own questions, and edit your question texts and answer options. If your research problem is more complex, Tutkimusvoima will provide additional service to help you modify your question set and ask questions. 


Personal support, expert advice, workshops and training. At every step of the feedback and inquiry process, we help you from simple queries, to advanced feedback solutions with integrated dashboards that leverage background information.
    Questback Essentials in a nutshell

    • Easy to use, visual interface
    • Manage bounced email invitations - Bounce tracking
    • The most advanced server technology, better response rates
    • Distribution options: visual email invitations, pop-up code for web pages, QR code generation, smart link via SMS
    • Anonymity management. The respondent who received the email invitation can choose whether to reply anonymously (if allowed by the survey designer)
    • GDPR features: Privacy Statement, automatic removal of personal data from query data after a deadline, anonymization of responses.
    • Possibility to have a dialogue with the respondent
    • Anonymous dialogue, individual feedback can be answered, even when the respondent responds anonymously
    • Mobile optimized surveys are automatically scaled according to the answering device
    • Smileys as a response options to the value scale
    • Drag and drop priority question
    • Images can also be used as multiple selection options
    • Change the order of the questions, drag and drop
    • Randomizing question order and answer options
    • Importing Query Structure
    • Importing language versions
    • Survey validation within software
    • Free redirection of alarm emails to persons outside the system
    • A public reporting link that allows you to make unlimited personalized views
    • Online reporting is also scalable to mobile
    • Integrations with CRM, ERP, HR systems
    • Over 11,000 users 

    Tutkimusvoima Oy provide the Questback customers all the necessary expert assistance and training as well as software to all new customers. 
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